by Juny Lee
October 31st, 2014

On May 16, 2014, Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross, Weber Shandwick’s Chief Reputation Strategist, led a special lecture event for local staffs and college students in Korea.  This event was held to deliver the key ideas on ‘Employee Activism’ report released on last early April.

웨버샌드윅 레슬리 게인즈 로스 최고명성전략가

◀ Leslie Gaines-Ross, Weber Shandwick’s Chief Reputation Strategist

Dr. Gaines-Ross’s first schedule was the special lecture at ‘The 8th Good Morning PR Talk’, which took place on the morning of May 16th at Seoul Press Center in Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

Under the topic ‘Social Age, Office Communication that Determines Company Reputation’, she suggested effective internal communications within a company and also introduced a new concept of ‘Employee Activism’, drawn from the global research.

Explanning the ‘Employee Activism’, Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross named employees who have actively expressed their ideas on ‘Employee Activists’, and defined the term as ‘Employees who make their engagement visible, defend companies from criticisms, and are advocates both online and offline’.

She highlighted that ‘Employee Activist’ could be a risk and therefore, different strategies must be applied to different employee activists according to Activism Spectrum, a spectrum segmented by employees’ behavior types. For example, for pro-activist, sharing story contents is an effective method while for pre-activists, providing social media education is a meaningful approach.

During the Q&A session after the lecture, the lecturer and participants actively exchanged and shared views and information on  issues such as the effective internal communication strategy for each activist type, the level of information shared with employees when negative issues arise, ways to deal with detractors who criticize the company, and the risk of the side-effect of activists’ participation.


▲ Photo from ‘The 8th Good Morning PR Talk’

In the afternoon, Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross participated in another lecture co-hosted by by Weber Shandwick Korea and KUPRA (Korea Undergraduate Public Relations Associations) for college students with a major in Public Relations. During this special lecture, she explained that the aspect of internal communication within the company has been changing, due to the introduction of social media and distribution of smart devices. She also shared the ideas on Weber Shandwick’s global report on ‘Employee Activism’ with the participants and took time to examine Weber Shandwick’s global report ‘Employee Activism’ with the participants.

Special Lecture by Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross for the PR major college students

▲ Special Lecture by Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross for the PR major college students

Following the lecture by Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross, Weber Shandwick Korea’s Executive Vice President Juny Lee delivered a special lecture entitled ‘How to Become a PR expert’ andand shared his experience and knowledge of the PR industry which was organized based on his personal experiences and knowledge.

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